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Free shipping on all orders over $50!

Signature Tablets

Wacom′s patented technology is perfect for capturing handwritten signatures as it works with a high resolution and accuracy. In addition to the x/y position of the pen, Wacom pen tablets also record the pressure flow during the writing process. The data collected (x/y position and pressure) can be used to build a unique biometric signature profile of the signer for verification and authentication.

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  1. DTH-1152 Interactive Pen Display

    DTH-1152 Interactive Pen Display

    The DTH-1152 provides both pen and touch input in a compact pen display for convenience in reviewing, annotating and applying eSignatures to digital documents. Learn More

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  2. DTK-1651 Interactive Pen Display

    DTK-1651 Interactive Pen Display

    The DTK-1651 is the premium pen display for eDocuments which allows documents to be viewed, editied and signed in portrait mode without shrinking or scrolling or landscape mode. Learn More

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  3. STU-430 Signature Pad

    STU-430 Signature Pad

    The Signature Pad STU-430 is the ideal solution for anyone looking to get started with digital signature capture for the first time. Learn More
  4. STU-530 Signature Pad

    STU-530 Signature Pad

    STU-300B Learn More
  5. DTU-1031X Interactive Pen Display

    DTU-1031X Interactive Pen Display

    The DTU-1031X is the economical solution for corporate or institutional customers who require a display with a minimal footprint that allows users to view or fill out full-size documents and sign them electronically. Learn More
  6. DTU-1141B Pen Display

    DTU-1141B Pen Display

    With a 10.1" Full HD resolution LCD and state-of-the-art encryption, the USB-powered Wacom DTU-1141B Pen Display is a best-in-class eDocument solution. Learn More

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